Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Continuing a Business Legacy

People see it as a challenge to start a business from scratch, learn the right rules and decisions to make it to the top and find a measure of success. However, it is even more difficult to do it when it is given to you, though most people wouldn’t believe so. The life of continuing a business legacy is very different from creating one, because the decisions and placement that the mother or father left the child in is a permanent variable in the process to success. Could you be handed a baton without expecting a race and still make it to the finish line?

Charles W Howard CallAhead

Business legacies have become some of the largest sources of wealth in the world. Whether it be dynasties, monarchies, or private businesses, these families sustain strong business practices by implementing generational changes to their operations. However, this is a difficult point to achieve, as the hardest part of the race is the initial launch off. Legacies usually start in bad shape, and it is the job of the child to build it back up and restore its success.

Charles W Howard CallAhead did this with the business his father gave him, Call-A-Head. Starting as a truck driver for a portable toilet company, his father started his own in 1976. With only 150 portable potties he left it to Charles, who turned it into a 150 employee operation. This was no easy task, as the market for portable toilets was not yet explosive, and he had the task of scaling a once one-man company. However, through persistence he created a successful legacy of his own, and will pass it on to his children when the time comes.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Evolution of the Portable Bathroom

Portable bathrooms have been an important part of the US and its growing society, helping to sustain construction sites from any location, and giving people and businesses the opportunity to host thousands of people in a crowd event without the need to construct permanent bathroom facilities. These bathroom inventions have been powerful tools to bring industries further, but where did they come from?

Charles W Howard CallAhead

Long Beach, California is the location of the original portable toilet. Ship builders noticed a need for bathroom locations to be closer to the ship where the workers were building, thus creating the first, crude port-a-potty. However, this steadily required improvement, as their version was heavy, clunky, and very unsanitary. It moved into fiberglass models that allowed it to have a lighter frame. Unfortunately, the absorption of fiberglass demanded that a new material be used to allow a lightweight frame with a hygienic consistency.

Finally, polyethylene was produce into portable toilets, giving the product a light attribute while being resistance to smell absorption. Today, the industry is over $2 billion dollars strong, and has expanded much further than simply toilets. Charles W Howard, owner of Call-A-Head portable equipment, is one of New York’s industry leaders. They offer portable toilets, restroom trailers, security guard booths, portable showers and even a portable water and sewer system. This desire for portable goods will continue to grow, as it becomes easier to make the economy flow without the need for permanent projects.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Steps to Hosting a Community Event

Proactive members of a neighborhood can offer great ideas to the city, and create some really exciting events. But before this can be done, proper planning has to take place. These three tips will help your mission of event planning a success for your local community!

1.       Be considerate of city schedules – Make sure that the time, day and location of the event is set in an appropriate way, depending on the culture of the city. A city of majority elderly citizens would not enjoy a program late at night, or one that requires intense walking. Plan your event to those who will attend.

2.       Advertise it! – This is often overlooked as an event planner for a community. There is much excitement and hype over working with the city to produce a great event, but if no one hears of it, the turn out will be less than satisfactory. Spend just as much time talking and advertising as you do planning and implementing.

3.       Find the proper equipment – One port-a-potty short can leave an event in ruins. Ensure that you have all of the necessities for outdoor and crowd events. Call-A-Head portable equipment, owned by Charles W Howard CallAhead, recommends to plan ahead when renting portable toilets and other portable rentals, to ensure a great price and quality equipment.

These three short blurbs will give you the guidelines to create a really awesome moment for your neighborhoods. Make it fun, create an impact and support a cause that you are passionate about!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Charles W Howard CallAhead

Charles W Howard, owner of CallAHead Portable Toilets, invented a powerful product that revolutionized the portable sanitation industry. By allowing toilets to operate just like they would at home, this gave construction sites an easier method to take care of their waste while operating portable toilets. His company continues to produce new products and additions to its inventory of over 100 unique products.

Charles W Howard CallAhead - LACARTES Profile

Charles W Howard CallAhead - LACARTES Profile

ItsMyURLs: Charles W Howard CallAhead's URLs

ItsMyURLs: Charles W Howard CallAhead's URLs

Monday, 31 August 2015

Diverse Portable Sink Options

Hosting an event or engaging in a long-term lifestyle change calls for the right equipment, along with the proper resources and pricing. Portable sinks are a rising need for those needing mobile hygienic services, and as the industry calls to fill those needs, many options are given to customers who are looking for that perfect portable sink for them. Take a look at the following options and see how well these sinks can perform.
For smaller events and facility-sized spacing, portable stands and rollers are the best option for the occasion. Towelette and antiseptic stands offer users the opportunity to keep their hands clean and fresh on the go, with only a 60” height that can fit in most conference rooms. Transitioning into slightly larger and more long-term equipment, rollers and basins offer the versatile function of a fully operating sink, without the large and excessive use of pipes and counter space. These sinks are the best use for their price, with some portable basins containing multiple washing stations!

Charles W Howard CallAhead offers entire sink systems can be bought or rented for long term use. Places like restaurants, campgrounds and mineral sites need the dependency of a durable sink without the expense of plumbing. The Call-A-Head Company’s Watermaster 300 – Stainless Steel Sink is one of the industry’s highest quality sink systems. It is the company’s largest commercial sink. This equipment is designed for massive events and long-term placement where elite sinks are needed.