Friday, 31 July 2015

London Calling Porta Potties

CallAHead introduced a new addition to their line of portable toilets in New York in 2013. The Tele-toilet is a London inspired porta potty that was added for special event portable toilets. This novelty portable toilet is designed to catch the eye with the bold red design and the realistic details of a London public phone box. The booth was designed to poke at the curiosity of New Yorkers who might wonder if it is a London phone booth. This booth is a great novelty option for company events, family gatherings, weddings and backyard barbecues. The idea is to bring the old York to New York at your next big event.

Now hold on! The TELE-TOILETTE isn't just a novelty, and it is just as impressive inside as it is on the outside. It is a self-contained porta potty, which does not require separate hookups. From your first step in, the unit powers on automatically to acknowledge your presence. It is carpeted, comfortable and immensely clean.

The unit is carpeted and automatically turns on when someone steps inside. The moment you walk in you will catch the scent of an automatic air freshener. This bathroom comes fully stocked with antibacterial hand soap, seat covers, paper towels, and toilet paper. It even includes a beautiful floral arrangement for comfort. The TELE-TOILETTE also comes complete with a mirror and trashcan to provide a complete bathroom experience.

Charles W Howard of CallAhead of Broad Channel, New York is the CEO and Owner of the CallAHead Corporation. Charles W. Howard won the Queens Chamber of Commerce of New York Award for excellence in construction of Wharton's Apothecary in 2006. Today, he continues to carry on excellence, perfection, and high-quality service.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Positive Reviews

Charles W Howard is the President and CEO of CallAhead Corporation, a provider of portable toilets in the New York area. The company was founded by his father, Charles P. Howard, in 1976. Charles W. Howard has been running the company since 1981.

When he took over CallAhead the business had just 150 portable toilets, one employee, and one truck. The ambitious and industrious young man proceeded to expand the company, building it into what it is today, the industry leader with twelve thousand portable toilets, 150 employees, and seventy-five trucks. The company's portable toilets are the most rented in the New York area. They are the only company in the city to provide like-new, high quality portable toilets. They also have a guaranteed cleaning service to make sure each unit is clean every time. They use only the best cleaning supplies and chemicals available.

CallAhead portable toilets receive consistently positive reviews from their customers. And consistency is one of the keys to the company's success. "At CallAhead we've learned that the best way to create consistency is to have a backup system for all of our systems," Charles W Howard says. For every four trucks on the road, he says, there is an extra backup truck; for every piece of equipment in the field there is matching equipment in their yards.

"We have acquired vast knowledge from our decades servicing New York," Charles W Howard of CallAhead says, "making us the leader in quality porta potty equipment and superior cleaning service that cannot be matched." He is also a committed supporter of his community, donating support facilities to upgrade a neighborhood sports field in his hometown of Broad Channel, New York, and supporting various local charities with donations.

Friday, 24 July 2015

A History of Martha's Vineyard

A vacation hotspot in Massachusetts is better known as a beautiful island called Martha's Vineyard, which is in Dukes County, where many people come to visit each year. The island also includes the town of Cuttyhunk and the little island of Nomans Land. It also serves as a wildlife refuge, which is closed the public, due to its history as a practice bombing range from 1943 to 1996.

The island is located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and is known for being a beautiful summer colony. The island is accessible only by boat and air, so finding transportation is challenging. Since the 1960's the island's year-round population has grown considerably. The cost of living is 60% higher than the national average housing prices are 96% higher, but it is still a popular hotspot to visit. Obviously the area is very rich in culture and wealth and has some of the most elite east coast families. Extremely pleasant and favorable summer weather has helped make Martha's Vineyard a tourist destination. Life on the local beaches, boating and summer time activities highlight the charm of the island, and its community. The local community takes a keen interest in balancing the ecology and wildlife of the Island. Martha's Vineyard is home to one of the earliest known deaf communities in the US. A special sign language was developed on the island, and it was called MVSL. The island has a great culture and history that locals are extremely proud of.

Charles W. Howard owns the CallAHead porta potty business in New York. He spends his weekends and vacation time in Martha's Vineyard with his entire family whenever possible.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Estimating Need

There is a rough formula for determining how many toilets are going to be needed at an event. It involves calculating how many hours the event is expected to last, coupled with the total number of people expected to show up. Variables include the amount of physical activity is anticipated at the event and what the whether is going to be like.

The more active people are at an event, the more often they are going to need to use the restroom. Rainy weather at outdoors events tends to drive more people to the bathroom, in part from the psychological effect of all that water, and in part from a desire to dry off. Generally speaking, people will require sanitation facilities every four hours or so, but the steady consumption of food and beverages is going to increase the need by as much as forty percent.

The solution to a crowded event is to bring on portable toilets. They have been around since the 1940s and are a boon to events at remote locations or where the number of people overwhelms the usual facilities. They began necessities at construction sites and have become essential to large outdoor events all over the world.

Call Ahead is a New York area porta potty business that has been serving the needs of the city for nearly forty years. President and CEO Charles W Howard took over the business from his father in 1981 and has greatly expanded it, and introduced such innovations as luxury trailer bathrooms that are a far cry from the simple porta potties that have historically been the norm at outdoor events.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles, located about fifteen miles southwest of Paris in the Ile de France region of France, is a royal castle that was built in the late Seventeenth Century as the home of France's then-king, Louis XIV. It contains more than seven hundred rooms and sixty staircases, and in today's currency would cost about two billion dollars to build.

The Palace of Versailles was constructed as a showcase of power and magnificence, and was the French seat of government from 1682 to 1789, when the French Revolution began. After the outbreak of the Revolution, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were stripped of all power, brought to Paris and beheaded, and the palace fell under control of the new government. When Napoleon Bonaparte came to power established himself in an apartment there.

The Palace was converted into a museum in the mid-1800s. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, Versailles curators began to convert many areas back into palace space to show how it looked before the French Revolution.

In the United States, the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles was an inspiration of Charles W Howard CallAhead , the President and Chief Executive Officer of the CallAhead portable toilet company. On a visit there with his wife, he had the idea of modeling one of his luxury portable toilets on elements of the great Palace. In its design, no detail was spared, and its users are consistently impressed by its spectacular sky ceiling mural as well as the opulence of the restroom settings. The facility features faux marble walls, egg and dart crown moldings and trim, brass accents, and other exquisite features, and is a popular rental at weddings, corporate events, and black-tie affairs.