Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Evolution of the Portable Bathroom

Portable bathrooms have been an important part of the US and its growing society, helping to sustain construction sites from any location, and giving people and businesses the opportunity to host thousands of people in a crowd event without the need to construct permanent bathroom facilities. These bathroom inventions have been powerful tools to bring industries further, but where did they come from?

Charles W Howard CallAhead

Long Beach, California is the location of the original portable toilet. Ship builders noticed a need for bathroom locations to be closer to the ship where the workers were building, thus creating the first, crude port-a-potty. However, this steadily required improvement, as their version was heavy, clunky, and very unsanitary. It moved into fiberglass models that allowed it to have a lighter frame. Unfortunately, the absorption of fiberglass demanded that a new material be used to allow a lightweight frame with a hygienic consistency.

Finally, polyethylene was produce into portable toilets, giving the product a light attribute while being resistance to smell absorption. Today, the industry is over $2 billion dollars strong, and has expanded much further than simply toilets. Charles W Howard, owner of Call-A-Head portable equipment, is one of New York’s industry leaders. They offer portable toilets, restroom trailers, security guard booths, portable showers and even a portable water and sewer system. This desire for portable goods will continue to grow, as it becomes easier to make the economy flow without the need for permanent projects.