Monday, 31 August 2015

Diverse Portable Sink Options

Hosting an event or engaging in a long-term lifestyle change calls for the right equipment, along with the proper resources and pricing. Portable sinks are a rising need for those needing mobile hygienic services, and as the industry calls to fill those needs, many options are given to customers who are looking for that perfect portable sink for them. Take a look at the following options and see how well these sinks can perform.
For smaller events and facility-sized spacing, portable stands and rollers are the best option for the occasion. Towelette and antiseptic stands offer users the opportunity to keep their hands clean and fresh on the go, with only a 60” height that can fit in most conference rooms. Transitioning into slightly larger and more long-term equipment, rollers and basins offer the versatile function of a fully operating sink, without the large and excessive use of pipes and counter space. These sinks are the best use for their price, with some portable basins containing multiple washing stations!

Charles W Howard CallAhead offers entire sink systems can be bought or rented for long term use. Places like restaurants, campgrounds and mineral sites need the dependency of a durable sink without the expense of plumbing. The Call-A-Head Company’s Watermaster 300 – Stainless Steel Sink is one of the industry’s highest quality sink systems. It is the company’s largest commercial sink. This equipment is designed for massive events and long-term placement where elite sinks are needed.