Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Steps to Hosting a Community Event

Proactive members of a neighborhood can offer great ideas to the city, and create some really exciting events. But before this can be done, proper planning has to take place. These three tips will help your mission of event planning a success for your local community!

1.       Be considerate of city schedules – Make sure that the time, day and location of the event is set in an appropriate way, depending on the culture of the city. A city of majority elderly citizens would not enjoy a program late at night, or one that requires intense walking. Plan your event to those who will attend.

2.       Advertise it! – This is often overlooked as an event planner for a community. There is much excitement and hype over working with the city to produce a great event, but if no one hears of it, the turn out will be less than satisfactory. Spend just as much time talking and advertising as you do planning and implementing.

3.       Find the proper equipment – One port-a-potty short can leave an event in ruins. Ensure that you have all of the necessities for outdoor and crowd events. Call-A-Head portable equipment, owned by Charles W Howard CallAhead, recommends to plan ahead when renting portable toilets and other portable rentals, to ensure a great price and quality equipment.

These three short blurbs will give you the guidelines to create a really awesome moment for your neighborhoods. Make it fun, create an impact and support a cause that you are passionate about!